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Dinner at Old Town

9:00 AMRene

I called in sick from work yesterday as my back spasms hadn't entirely gone away. I think I hunched too much while on the laptop over the weekend and my back muscles cramped. Mental note to get one of those ergonomic chairs next time.

So much of the day was spent resting and soon enough it was dinner time already and my wife and I wanted to drink coffee afterwards. My daughter, Andi, on the other hand has a different idea going into coffee shops. That meant "drawing" time for her. So she brought all her drawing implements with her and just rightly so to keep her busy.

I had Ipoh Lum Mee and my wife had Minced Chicken Rice which we both tried for the first time. Andi cannot be bothered so we gave her spoonfuls from each of our orders.

Right after we ate dinner, the three of us were engrossed doing each own thing. My 4-year old daughter, Andi, had drawn Plankton(from Sponge Bob fame) down pat from memory! My wife, Jolana, was browsing the latest fashion magazines. And I was sketching, well... in between Facebook and Google. Hehe!

Dinner at Old Town Coffee Shop
Dinner at Old Town Coffee Shop

Andi In Focus: Dinner at Old Town
Andi In Focus: Dinner at Old Town

Jolana In Focus: Dinner at Old Town
Jolana In Focus: Dinner at Old Town

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  1. Wonderful sketch of your family. Such good times being together..each doing their own thing :)


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