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Starting Again...

8:06 PMRene

As my first Moleskine sketchbook has witnessed, I've never been able to finish one with completely filled pages. And when did I buy it? Some six years ago! For starters, the nice smooth pages were intimidating enough for me not to dare draw a "bad" sketch on them. At times when I do put in some doodles, I would have to be in a perfect mood. That's when I feel they're worthy to be inside this special notebook.

But I digress.

A Moleskine should be treated just like any other sketchbook or paper to draw on for that matter. Otherwise, I'd always feel not worthy putting something on it. Of course I did a couple of sketches on my other sketchbooks(the Derwent, the Miquelrius, et al) but I guess it's time to fill this up once and for all.

Earlier today when we went out, I purposely didn't bring my dslr. Back spasms haunted me since last night and the last thing I needed was a heavy load on my neck. Thus the Moleskine just fit perfectly in my hands and with my trusty Staedler pencil, I was good to go.

As soon as my 4-year old daughter got tired from all the walking, we settled in a coffee shop which was just what I needed to "stalk" my victims. Hehe. Anyways, I found my subjects as soon as I sat down. And then it was just like old times - sketching, I mean.

The Gardens Mall, MidValley City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

These two ladies were seated just a table beside ours. So it was kinda awkward for me to keep glancing at them. Good thing I was able to put in some gestures first that guided me to "complete" the sketch without them noticing me.

Now this guy noticed me glancing at him. And so he kept shifting in his seat. But the pencil is faster than the man. Haha! Okay, I made that up.

I can't wait to fill up all of my 1st 'skines pages. I already got a new one standing by ready to be unwrapped. By then, I should be continuously sketching and not being on hiatus for every two to five years. Promise.

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