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4:35 PMRene

My first sketch for the year.

Just to get the first one out of the way and hopefully the succeeding ones would flow more easily. It's like putting the first lines on a blank paper. Those are usually the hardest to do. My reason for creating this sketch doesn't make this less important. My daughter is five now and she's a big five year old, mind you. Of late, she can follow posing instructions whenever I want to take photos of her.

This time around, I asked her to continue what she was doing -- which was watching cartoons on TV -- and don't mind me sketching her. She was up to the task and I was able to put in some rough pencils quickly. I followed through with a brush pen which I couldn't skillfully handle as much as I wanted to. Showing a bit of rust there huh! Then I put in quick watercolor washes to give some hint of color in there.

 I didn't want to make it look "finished" because sketches are supposed to look like sketches. Just the way I like them to be.

 More to come! andicouch

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