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A Conversation

3:42 PMRene

"A Conversation" is an old sketch from March 24, 2012 and since I'm playing catch up here, it should be okay to share old sketches. I did this on-site at The Baboon House. It's a cafe that serves the best burgers this side of Malacca and totally deserves a blog post or two on its own.

This was done on a Moleskine Sketcbook which isn't exactly cheap and so this was my first time doing a two-page sketch. I guess with the paper being expensive and all, I was just gingerly using it from time to time. Never really wanting to fill it up. Now, two-page sketches like this will be my solution to finally filling up this old Moleskine. And I also decided not to put color washes in because the paper just doesn't take watercolor kindly.
  A Conversation at the Baboon House

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  1. Wonderful to see your sketches, again, Rene. We've missed you. The years go by so quickly. I remember how exciting it was when you told us on The Sketching Forum that Andi was born. And now she is a lovely young lady.


  2. Hi Annie!

    Great to hear from you again. Yeah, I was just over Russ' sketching forum the other day and I see everyone still there. I guess I got caught up with changing jobs and relocating and then I totally forgot about sketching. My drawings have been sparse and in between during the start of the year but I've picked up more recently. Andi is six now. Hahaha! Wow, hasn't it been that long already? How time flies indeed! Visit me here often. I've promised... ahem... to update here regularly. :-)



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