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A Different Kind of Fast Food

11:50 PMRene

As we were driving aimlessly this afternoon, we happened to pass by our favorite kopitiam which we hadn't visited for quite awhile now. Since we were near the place already, we decided to have dinner there. And besides, it would be an excuse to try something new.

I saw this lone cook at this stall furiously flipping his laddle as if he's trying to fight something inside the wok in front of him. Let's just say he was cooking fast and sending food out to his customers like a mean production line. I wanted my food served fast too. And hot.

Choosing something new for today wasn't that hard after all. A no-brainer even! ;-)

Kopitiam Dinner

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  1. Rene, I just saw on the news that you had a typhoon in the Philippines. My sympathy to the people there who have have suffered from it. I hope that you and your family and friends are safe.



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