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Back On The Saddle

9:23 PMRene

I finally got back on my bike after a month and a half hiatus. When October started, the regular afternoon/evening rains also came with it. Just about this time also, I started sketching in a frenzied pace(relatively speaking... hehe!). Last weekend, I finally got back to my old bike route around Melaka. This time, with a sketchbook in tow.

Quick Rough Sketch of a Chapel Ruins in Melaka I must have passed by this area more than 10 times already and it was only that weekend I knew that it had a cultural significance being the ruins of an old chapel, Ermida de Rosario(Rosary Chapel) built during the closing stage (1790-1810) of the Dutch Occupation. Now, only a few of its foundations remain.

Melaka Riverside Here I frantically tried to "finish" the sketch as a light drizzle was coming in. It was one of those few times that I forego with the pencil roughs and went straight to using a pen. It was liberating! I should do this more. And I will.

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  1. You have a lovely blog. I like the looose pen drawings like this. Looks like a lovely scene to draw.


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