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People Watching

4:20 PMRene

I enjoyed my Kung Po chicken dinner so much the other night that I just resorted to people watching.

People Watching

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  1. Fun sketches,Rene... I lived in New York City in the 1950's and loved to People Watch in Washington Square-- to watch the kids splashing in the fountain--and especially at 42nd Street where there use to be an Automat. We poor students would buy a tea bad for a nickle and pour hot water from the hot water tap, over and over. We could get at least three cups of weak tea that way. And that would give us the right to sit there for hours and People Watch. In those days, the whole world stopped in at that automat because it was near both Grand Central Station and Penn Station. A wonderful place to look and to sketch. Sadly,for me, they tore it down.


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