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9:00 PMRene

Wow. Nary a post after January of this year. Guilty as charged! :-)

I haven't been sleeping on top of my sketchbooks actually. While my posts here have trickled to nothing, I've been furiously sketching in the past two months or so. The word "furiously" is relative though. With the frequency that I've sketched so far in the recent years, I'd say my rate had upped to 1-3x a week from 1-3x a year. That's a pretty good increase, right? Hehe! And blame Facebook by the way, because it's there where those drawings are seeing the light of day. Of course now, I'm more keen to revive this sketchblog.

I would ideally want to sketch everyday but really can't. So when those down times come and those cafes beckon, it's more than likely I'd be in the zone for a drawing or two.

Disposable brush pens had come and gone. And until now, I'm on the lookout for a permanent tool. As I scourged my bag for a pen recently, I found one that I purchased from awhile back. Here's the result using that pen. Couldn't quite get the line character that I want but it's better than not sketching at all.

Coffee Fix @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Company

In the next few posts, I will try to catch up and dump a load of old sketches. It will just be like old times I tell ya! ;-)

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