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Still Woke Up With A Pencil In My Hand

5:29 PMRene

No excuses.

I'm back.

My backstory behind this sketch? I had a throbbing headache after only sleeping at 3:30am because of the Arsenal-Liverpool game. So at the mall, the coffee shop was my solace. Then a nice couple with their newborn sat beside us and headache aside, I knew I just had to sketch them.

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  1. Hi Rene, glad you are posting your work again!

  2. Rene, We are so sad for the people in the Philippines.
    Perhaps you internet is not working. But when it is,
    please know that all our hearts are with you and your'
    family and neighbors.

    Our best,

  3. Actually I think Rene lives in Malaysia now. Still very tragic and a warning to the rest of the world about climate change

  4. Hi guys! Thanks for your messages here. Yes, I currently live in Malaysia but that very strong typhoon actually hit very close to home back in the Philippines. My hometown is Cebu and my parents and sister's family still lives there. I'm just thankful that my immediate family are all well. Just 20-30km north of our place, the devastation is the same like that in Tacloban, which is the one mostly seen all over the internet and media. I can't fathom this tragedy and the loss of lives. I personally know people who had lost relatives and who were survivors as well. Indeed, the whole situation is unimaginable. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts of our well-being. Take care as well. :-)


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