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Bringing Back The Sketching Mojo On!

11:16 PMRene

My previous post mentioned about a blog revamp that's going to happen soon and that was about 6 six months ago already! I guess "soon" doesn't mean that soon in my vocabulary. Hahaha!

But I think I can't wait any day longer to post something for this year. I've been relatively more active in sketching, drawing and painting for the past 10 months or so since we've moved to Ipoh. As luck would have it, there's a group of local sketchers who practically do sketches in and about town almost every weekend. It was a blast to join them and since then, I rediscovered my sketching mojo.

These were the photos during my first meet up with Urban Sketchers Ipoh back in June of 2015.

My setup lacks the most important tool. A chair!

That old corner shop at Lintasan Pasar Baru displaying the Perak state flag.

I needed to start small and quick with my first sketch after 2 months -- just to keep things moving.

Doing the Indian squat isn't exactly my thing. Sooner or later, my legs get the "pins and needles"! So yeah, I definitely need a chair next time.

Red and white buildings along Tingkat Pasar.

Those spiral staircases got me.

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